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Easy Financing

The previous case studies are only a glimpse of the hundreds of people who have received HBOT at the Richmond Hyperbaric Health Center. Please contact us for more information on easy financing the treatments for a particular condition which may benefit from hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

How Much Does The Treatment Costs?

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is $125.00 Canadian per session. Based on 60 minutes per session on oxygen*.

*Recommended session times for your condition may vary.

5% discount for 20 sessions on prepaid bookings 30 days in advance.
10% discount for 40 sessions on prepaid bookings 30 days in advance

The Richmond Hyperbaric Health Center has been engaged in clinical research projects including a pilot study on the treatment of Autism, RSD/CRPS. We would like to pursue future research studies and are open to any inquiries about the use of HBOT for researching various conditions.


We can assist you in finding accommodations suitable to your need.

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